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Not Just a Makeover: M&S Partners with the Food Bank

MARKS & SPENCER were at the Connect25 Food Bank in the first week of June. Demonstrating their Make it Matter Day during National Volunteer Week, they volunteered their time and resources to make over and create an interactive 'Kids Friendly' space in our premises. The beautiful transformation they did will greatly facilitate our proposed holiday club for children and youths in our community.

Picture shows the coverage by The Chronicle Newspaper of Saturday 03 June 2017.

This makeover by Marks and Spencer is in addition to the donation of food surplus that the Food Bank has regularly received from them. Indeed, Marks and Spencer are a trusted partner in our commitment to make vital impact through our community-based activities. This is to also say a big Thank You to the team from M&S Metro Centre, Gateshead. It was a pleasure having you at KC Foundation.

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